Why You Need SEO Services For Your Everett Dental Practice

If you run a dental practice in Everett WA and have a website then you need to consider Everett Dental SEO Services, also known as Search Engine Optimization.  There are a number of reasons why your dental practice needs to have SEO.  Some of the reasons may seem like common sense, but there are others that you may not have considered before.

Everett Dental SEO Services

Increasing Your Local Customers

The most important reason why you need to have Everett Dental SEO Services is to increase the number of local Everett Washington customers that you have.  Local Everett SEO helps you rank for searches by people in your area and when people look for dental practices within a certain area.  This type of SEO is a little different to the usual SEO strategies that you will find because search engines will look for different information.

Local SEO requires you to have a physical address on your website in a set format.  If you have more than one location you should consider creating a page on your website for each one.  This physical information will also need to be identical to other listings of your business online.  This can include online directories like Yelp or your dental association.

You should also look at opening a Google My Business account which is free.  When you fill in all the information you have to ensure that it matches your website exactly.  You can also link the website to the Google My Business account.  This is where your customers will also be able to leave star ratings and reviews of your practice.


Providing Prevention Information To Customers

While you will want your customers to actually come to your Everett dental practice it is also important that you impart knowledge to them without an appointment.  While this is free information it will make them more likely to use your practice if they are in the area because you have provided them with valuable information.  However, to get people to see this information you need to look at SEO.

The content that you provide needs to be informative to your customers because this is something that the search engines consider.  You also need to consider what keywords or phrases the customer will use to look for the information.  These keywords need to be placed into the content and title in a natural way.  The keywords are picked up by the search engines and they will use them to help you rank for them.  However, it is important that you do not write the content to rank because the search engines do consider user experience in their ranking algorithms.   Eagle Media Solutions provide Everett Dental SEO Services and has the expertise to get your content found by the search engines.

Increase Your Reach With Mobile Searches

Searches completed on mobile devices are becoming more common and you need to consider this.  While ranking on the search engine for local and general searches is important, mobile search ranking is as well.  Search engines will consider general search ranking data when determining mobile rankings, but they will also consider your website.  If you have a website that is mobile friendly the search engines will look upon it more favorably.

Placing yourself on maps is also a good idea as it could increase the number of walk-in customers that you have.  This is particularly important if you offer emergency dental appointments.  Being easy to find and locate will help you increase your overall customer numbers.


Ranking With A Single Page Website

The website you have may only consist of a single page of information about your dental practice.  If this is the case you need to look at SEO Services as you could not be ranking on the search engines.  Single page websites are great for users looking for simplicity and the exact answers that they need.  However, the search engines have a hard time with this if they are not optimized correctly.

To optimize your site you need to have a brief description of your business.  This only needs to be a paragraph long and in the first 100 to 150 words you need to include your primary keyword and location.  This will help the search engine determine what your website is offering and what you should be ranked for.

Increase Your Reviews And Ratings

More and more people are looking at online review and rating before they choose any products or companies to use and dental practices are not exempt.  By using SEO Services you can harness the power of good reviews and surpass your competition.  If you have a My Business account you will be able to get star ratings which show when anyone uses Google to search for dental practices.  These star ratings and reviews can easily turn into customers here in Everett WA.

Search engines will look at the reviews you have and if you have more than your competition they will view you more favorably.  This will place you higher in local rankings which is important because the local results which display in general searches only show the top 3 results in the area.

Everett Dental SEO Services

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