White Hat SEO Techniques versus Black Hat SEO Techniques

In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two major types of SEO techniques. These SEO methods are White Hat SEO Techniques and Black Hat SEO Techniques. First, we will talk about White Hat SEO Techniques. These are the techniques that are ethical to use. They are utilized by serious internet marketers and have little to no chance of being penalized and facing a lower rank due to the use of unethical tactics.

White Hat SEO Techniques

white hat seo techniques

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White Hat SEO techniques are used by those who want to see a long term return on their websites and do not wish to subject the user to a negative experience. These days Google looks closer at whether or not the website produces a good experience for the user opposed to keyword density and the number of internal links. With this in mind, we can start to explain how to properly use White Hat SEO techniques.

White Hat SEO Technique #1 – Produce Rich Media

The first White Hat SEO technique that we will talk about is producing rich media. This is done by editing your chosen media carefully and making it as useful to the content on your website as possible. This can be done by adding good links to other related content and by adding text to better explain what the media is all about. By doing this you make it easier for the user to understand what he or she is looking at.

White Hat SEO Technique #2 – Create Unique Content

The next best White Hat SEO technique you may choose to use is creating unique content. This is something every website should have, true, but some websites lack the true individuality that sets them apart from other websites that are within the same niche. You want to create articles that nobody else has. You also want to have the information within these articles to be both accurate and engaging. This helps your viewers to take the most out of your content as they can. When the search engines crawl your websites and index they will see this and reward you with a higher rank as well.

White Hat SEO Technique #3 – Good Backlinks

The next thing you want to be doing for your White Hat SEO is creating good backlinks that link the user back to your other content that is closely related to the topic they are viewing originally. Google sees this as a confident move and as long as your links are relevant and useful to the user they will also reward this type of content with a better rank.

While you are backlinking to your other content you want to add just as many links to other well-rated websites that can be useful to the user that is seeing your content. When the crawlers see that you link your users to other good websites you will notice this helps to improve your rank as well within the search engines.

White Hat SEO Technique #4 – On-Page SEO

You should spend some time and edit your permalinks, meta description, and SEO title. The permalink is the link that the viewer will see in their search bar for the specific piece of content that they are viewing. The meta description is the smaller text that is under the SEO title in the search results. The SEO title is the first thing you see when you make a Google search. By adding your focus keywords to all three of these you will see an improvement in your rank.


Black Hat SEO Techniques

black hat seo techniques

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Moving right along, we have Black Hat SEO techniques next. Black Hat SEO refers to techniques that are believed to be unethical. These methods use a series of tricks that leave the user with a negative experience as well as a penalization for the website owner when they are caught. Whenever you use Black Hat SEO techniques you will, in time, experience a negative outcome.

Black Hat SEO Technique #1 – Hidden Text

The first Black Hat SEO technique that we will talk about is hidden text. This is the practice of hiding the text, usually by making the text’s color the same as the background color. This makes it easy for people to hide keywords and other content that will help them to gain more traffic. This is an unfair way of creating more traffic for yourself. This is due to the fact that it makes for a negative user experience.

Black Hat SEO Technique #2 – Redirecting

Black Hat SEO is usually used to produce a quick turnaround which does not last for very long. Once the search engines see this kind of activity they usually try to penalize the person using these unethical techniques quickly. Another common Black Hat SEO technique is redirecting the user to a web page that is completely unrelated to what they clicked on. This makes for more traffic using different niches and keywords to gain this traffic in an unfair manner.


In conclusion, we highly suggest only using ethical methods for your SEO needs if you are in it for the long haul. Using White Hat SEO techniques ensures that you minimize your risks of penalization and that your work will produce more traffic in the long run. While Black Hat methods can produce a quick turnaround they usually stop receiving traffic after the users find out that the website is poorly set up.

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